The Bentley Federation consists of the Bentley Children’s Centre, King Charles Primary school and Bentley West Primary school. It was formed in 2007 as a ‘hard’ federation with one governing body and appointed its first Principal in April 2011.

The federation of schools is becoming increasingly common due to the rapid changes occurring within our education system. Greater demands are now being placed upon schools than ever before and it is apparent that no individual school or setting can meet the needs of all of its children alone. Whilst many schools still try to work in a 20th century system of school organization The Bentley Federation is pioneering a new system of school leadership fit for the needs of 21st century education. Working within a Federation provides us with the opportunity to develop our 21st century thinking, introduce new systems of leadership, possess strategic governance, build a professional learning community, nurture our future talent and provide strategic business management. More importantly, it allows us to utilise resources and release funds that are then directed towards improving outcomes for our children.